Ismail Ibrahim of Enterprise

In the #3Questions series, we get to know the selected artists, performers and people that comprise the #YSDAF2018 lineup.

Enterprise is a Malaysian band that made its break in the local indie scene in 2011. Comprising Nazree (vocals and drums), Ismail (vocals, synth, and bass), Hanafi (guitar) and Tariq (percussion), the band blurs the boundaries of musical genres and styles, while heavily drawing inspiration from electronica, synth, cosmic, pop, and rock influences.

We had the opportunity to catch-up with Ismail, and here’s what he had to say:

Question 1

How did your band pick the name “Enterprise”?


From the Star Trek series, particularly from the USS Enterprise starship. It represents enterprising men and women working together, trying to save the universe. So, we’re like that group trying to do something [laughs]. We are all fans of sci-fi stuff. Most of us are fans of Star Wars, but I personally like Star Trek more – hence the name Enterprise.

Through The Milky Way

Through The Milky Way is a song from their second album, Episode Two: Fantastic Planets (yep, that’s a nod to the Star Wars series!).

Members of the Enterprise band are huge sci-fi fans, even referring to their fans as “Trekkies”.

Can you spot other geeky sci-fi tributes from their album?

Question 2

Your band is known to experiment with various musical genres. What inspired this mash-up?


We grew up listening to ’80s love songs and disco songs. Our parents used to play a lot of Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, and Michael Jackson. Soon after, we started picking up ’80s pop.

When we studied overseas during our university days, we also picked up a lot of indie-dance music. I went to a lot of festivals while I was in Australia, to get to know the local acts. There were a lot of electronica bands that were really interesting, so it opened our horizons and [inspired us] to pursue our interests to do that kind of music, after pop punk. Since then, we’ve been evolving.

Cécile La Lumière (feat. Bil Musa)

Singing on this track is Enterprise’s fellow Yuna Room Records artist, Bil Musa.

This was their first-ever music video for the lead single off their EP which was released three years ago. Enterprise shared that this music video was filmed two weeks before the earthquake that devastated Nepal.

Question 3

If there’s any artiste in the world you’d love to collaborate with, who would it be?


I would love to collaborate with Dua Lipa. I like her music, fashion style, and singing style, and I think she’s great. She’s the new voice in the music industry – she’s talented, and her album sounds so good!


Listen to Enterprise’s new and unreleased songs this #YSDAF2018 on 18 & 19 August — 6:00PM to 6:30PM on 18 August, 3:00PM to 3:30PM on 19 August — at Pentas 2 of klpac. Ismail promises a performance that will make you dance, fused together with nostalgic elements!

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