Deria & Rasa by ICAD

The Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival (YSDAF) 2018 is themed “You, Me + The Arts”, and places its focus on people – how does the arts relate to people and vice versa. This largest free-for-all festival is a giant effort to be more inclusive in bringing together Malaysia’s various communities and social causes under one roof.

In line with this, the students from INTI Center of Art & Design (ICAD) will be showcasing a two-part installation titled Deria, which will be located at the lawn area by the klpac lake, and Rasa, which will be located at Pentas 1 Foyer. Each installation aims to engage with audiences’ sense of sight, sound and touch.

Experience them firsthand at YSDAF 2018 this 18 & 19 August at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac).

In May 2018, students from ICAD were tasked with building various art installations that cater for individuals of all abilities, including the visually and / or hearing-impaired community. In total, there will be seven art installations that experiment with various themes; such as human connections, disabled community struggles, growing into adulthood, information transfer in a globalised world, child trafficking, and more. Six of these installations will be located outdoors, whereas one of the digital installations will be placed indoors.

First, let’s start with a low-down on the installations:


The Loop

Earth’s water cycle is one of the most important components of mankind’s survival. The Loop allows individuals of all abilities to experience water in its various forms: using sound from water xylophones, colours from dyed liquids and air bubble films, textures from water balloons, tastes from PH values of different water sources, and even smell from water vapour.


Art Is For Everyone

Inspired by visually impaired communities, Art Is For Everyone caters to individuals of all abilities to experience life from the perspective of a blind person. This interactive maze requires you to rely strictly on your other senses as it toys with various textures, shapes and sounds. Whilst journeying through the maze, participants experience several materials that are bound to tease your senses; such as paper, bamboo sticks, plastic, and even ropes.



Using acrylic flower frames, this installation will take you on a step-by-step journey of growing up into adulthood. Each flower frame represents different stages of our growth, whilst using several materials such as aluminium foil, glass, plastic, and more, to stimulate all our five senses.



Pyrasicle drives home the notion that we are all “same same, but different”. The structures used in this artwork resembles shapes of pyramids and popsicles (hence the name ‘Pyrasicle’) that are intricately interconnected. Our connections are embodied via string materials, each represented by varying thickness, lengths, and colours. Consequently, participants will be able to explore and visualise how human connections interrelate, interact, and influence one another.


Coaster In Your Ear

In a globalised world, the rapid transfer of information is a central part of our daily experience. This installation brings to life the speed at which we interact with social media and other information sources, as well as the ways that we share knowledge with one another. Modelling the shape of our ear, participants will journey through this installation made from beads and other recycled materials.



This installation takes us on a walk down memory lane to way back when we dabbled with creativity as children. Against the familiar setting of a playground, the artwork allows us to journey through various creative elements such as mood boxes, filography, and paths through geodesic domes.


The Dark Room, The Reality

This installation is the sole exhibit from ICAD under the Rasa series. Human trafficking is a serious and unwelcomed trade globally, and yet it continues to grow to date. Aiming to create the emotional awareness of these occurrences, this digital installation uses creative projection mapping of animations that allows participants to ponder the intensity and urgency of this issue.

Just like the festival, the Deria and Rasa installations are free-for-all. Whilst there are no charges imposed to experience the exhibitions, kindly note that each installation will have its own set of rules and regulations that participants will have to adhere to for your own safety.

Apart from these installations, there are plenty of other activities and performances at #YSDAF2018. Be serenaded by bands like Kugiran Masdo and Pastel Lite, watch award-winning films like Adiwiraku, catch Adam! The Musical at our Gala Night, attend workshops, and experience a touchable museum with YSDAF 2018’s winning Pitch Start idea, Subject Y!


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