Come Home to the Body

Day 1: 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Day 2: 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm

AD Studio

Slow down, to be present with our bodies. Through Authentic Movement, a somatic movement exploration, we invite you to find your body’s voice. In this non-judgemental space, we tune inwards – practicing gentle listening and responding to the inherent wisdom of our bodies. As movers and witnesses, we uncover and bridge our conscious and unconscious materials — images, sensations, thoughts, dreams and feeling states.

No experience in dance is necessary for this workshop. All you need is curiosity and respect for yourself and others. Come home to your body as we move and be moved together.


  1. Deepen our felt sense of the mind/body connection.
  2. Encourage the development of trust in one’s inner voice and intuitive guidance.
  3. Offer the experience of slowing down and being present. No skills needed.


  1. Adults interested in slowing down to be present with our bodies.
  2. Adults interested to bridge their unconscious and conscious through a somatic movement practice.


  1. Introduction
  2. Guided movement meditation
  3. Pairings for mover and witness groups
  4. Reflect through drawings and writings
  5. Switch mover and witness roles
  6. Reflect through drawings and writings
  7. Sharing in their pairs
  8. Group sharing
  9. Close


  1. To slow down.
  2. To ‘drop in’ to their bodies
  3. To listen and give their bodies some care and love!
  4. To integrate your mind/body
  5. To encourage openness of the unknown 😉

Suitable for 18 years old and above.

Recommended Age

18 and above