Dancing The Malaysian Dance (Malay) Workshop

Day 1: 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Day 2: 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Studio 5

Dancing The Malaysian Dance Workshop is a series of traditional dance workshops conducted by ASK Dance Company consisting of various traditional dances for the community to learn and enjoy. The workshops are beginner friendly and suitable for age 9 and above.

Zapin Tenglu
Zapin is one of the popular Malay Folk dance that originated from the Middle East mainly Hadramawt and Yemen. Zapin Tenglu is very famous in the village community, especially in the Mersing district in the state of Johor. Zapin is usually danced in social ceremonies such as weddings and other social events accompanied by musical instruments of Gambus, Rebana and Accordian.

Suitable for 7 years old & above.

Instructor: Imran Syafiq & Nadhirah Rahmat

ASK Dance Company will also be conducting other Dancing The Malaysian Dance workshops throughout the festival.

About the Artiste / Group

ASK Dance Company (ADC) is a full-time professional dance collective that specialises in providing training, workshops, master classes, performances, choreography as well as undertaking collaborative projects in traditional and contemporary genres of dance. At present, the company comprises dancers with a Bachelor of Dance in Performance or Choreography from ASWARA. They have received numerous awards including winning gold medals at World Championship of Performing Arts, Selangor Young Talent Award 2011, BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for Performance, Choreography and other categories, International Scholarships and other distinguished prizes.

The company’s philosophy is that to be alive, one must continuously learn, and thus be unafraid to ASK pertinent questions. Its dance productions serve as a platform for this dialogue, from issues about disenfranchisement to celebrations of life. ASK Dance Company has become a shining example of Malaysia’s plurality danced through its repertoire and the ethnicity of company members.

The company aspires to become a force within the national arts ecosystem with a distinct Malaysian identity providing employment, experience and career pathways for outstanding dancers and choreographers. It further aspires to play a significant role in bridging innumerable boundaries, breaking glass ceilings and bringing dance to the forefront of national consciousness and uplift Malaysian dance onto a global stage.

ASK Dance Company…dancing the Malaysian!


English, Bahasa Malaysia

Recommended Age

7 years old and above


Kimberly Yap Choy Hoong
Fatin Nadhirah Binti Rahmat
Wong Shan Tie
Imran Syafiq Bin Mohd Affandi
Mohd Zulkarnain Bin Zuber
Mohamad Adlan Bin Sairin

Joshua Gundi Anak Sirai
Michael Aming Anak Manja
Nella Vilarie Jitoh
Qayrysya Amira Aina
Balqis Jane Ayesha Binti Mohd Ghairull Bain
Muhammad Abul Hashimie Musa
Emer Leyla Binti Ridzuan
Liew Chye Sze