Ondo Ensemble

Day 1: 1.30 pm - 2.00 pm


The upcoming performance at YSDAF 2023 showcases the many collaborative possibilities between the handpan (JianHao) and other instruments including the cello (Chong Eugene), traditional Chinese plucked string instrument called ruan as well as Chinese flute (Howz) and other forms of percussion (Zac Tan).

By exploring a common language between Eastern and Western instruments and blending the different instruments and sounds together, Ondo Ensemble’s innovative performance bridges the classical and modern world.

The ensemble will be performing a diverse repertoire of classical, pop, film soundtrack, and Bossa Nova & Samba styles during YSDAF.

Recent performances by its various members include “Ondo! A Handpan Concert” at PJPAC with handpan player Jian Hao and Eugene Chong on cello and Wax & Wane, a collaboration between handpan player JianHao and Ruan player Howz.

我们这次的演出使用了大提琴,手碟,阮,笛子,箫,以及打击乐乐器来合奏,其中合奏的曲子的类型包括了古典,流行乐,电影配乐,以及Bossa Nova和Samba的曲风,展现多元乐器的跨乐合作,衍生无限的音乐空间,并探讨东西方乐器共同的音乐语言。

Only on Saturday, 19 Aug.

About the Artiste / Group

Ondo Ensemble, consisting of JianHao, Chong Eugene, and Howz, is a musical group that combines the cello, flute, guzheng, and handpan, showcasing the diverse and collaborative possibilities of handpan and various instruments, creating an infinite musical space. They are committed to exploring and creating diverse music, blending different instruments together. After their first collaboration at a commercial performance in 2022, Ondo Ensemble discovered the rich potential of combining their instruments, leading to a long-term partnership and exploration of finding a common language between Eastern and Western instruments, seamlessly blending innovative performance styles between classical and modern world music.


English, Mandarin / Other dialects e.g. Cantonese, Hokkien


Handpan: JianHao
Cello: Chong Eugene
Ruan, Chinese Flute: Howz
Percussion: Zac Tan

The slots for this event are fully filled or the event has already passed.