Festival Highlight

P. Ramlee Film Screening: Tiga Abdul (19 Aug) / Madu Tiga (20 Aug)

Day 1: 4.00 pm

Day 2: 4.00 pm

Pentas 1

Enjoy a selection of P. Ramlee classics.

Tiga Abdul (1964) feat. P. Ramlee, Ahmad Nisfu It tells the story of three brothers who are caught in a web of trickery set by the cunning Sadiq Segaraga who uses his three daughters to fleece the three borthers of all their wealth.

Madu Tiga (1964) feat. P. Ramlee, Sarimah, Ahmad Nisfu A man gets into trouble when he marries three beautiful women and unknowingly they become friends and hilarious consequnces follow.

Screening with courtesy from The Shaw Organisation Pte Ltd.

The slots for this event are fully filled or the event has already passed.