Point Zero Gravity

Day 1: 12.30 pm - 12.45 pm

Day 2: 2.00 pm - 2.15 pm

Main Lawn

LO Guitarist’s musical genre is math-rock, progressive metal (‘prog’), and a fusion of sophisticated guitar playing with trap hip hop beats. He will be performing 3 songs from his album ‘Point Zero Gravity’ in solo-performance mode. The highlight of his performance would be virtuosic, unique and yet musical guitar playing, the kind that is trending among the youngsters nowadays. Anyone who listens to Animals as Leaders, Plini, Polyphia, Ichika Nito, and Manuel Gardner Fernandes, which are the main influences in the current guitar world, would immediately be able to relate to his music.

About the Artiste / Group

LO Guitarist is a film composer, music arranger, and guitarist. In 2021, he decided to be a full time guitar instrumental artist and content creator (YouTube). In 2022, he produced a math-rock/progressive metal album called ‘Point Zero Gravity’.

Band Scene
Guitarist, Film Composer, Music Producer As a former guitarist of Lang 浪 and Arvan 阿爾 梵, LOguitarist (aka. “LO”) has more than 15 years of experience in the independent music and band scene, making him a master in rock and metal music production.

Film Music
With a Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Professional Music, LO is an accomplished film composer, who has worked with award-winning directors, Syafiq Yusof, in many blockbuster films such as Abang Long Fadil, KL Special Force, Misteri Dilaila, Polis Evo, and more.

Studio Productions
In 2015, LO founded Inner Voices Productions with Ken Hor, which marked his inception into the world of pop music production. 2020 witnessed his success with Z Yan’s Romancing Asia album winning the Chinese AIM Best Album.




Guitarist: Lo Shi Seng

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