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Travel Through Time

Day 1: 11.00 am - 8.00 pm

Day 2: 11.00 am - 8.00 pm


Whether we like it or not, climate change is happening – faster than we can imagine. If we do not get shocked to make a change, we will have nothing left for our future generations.

“Travel Through Time” is an art installation by Expedio Design that serves as a wake-up call in hope of driving people to take an active stance. The time tunnel takes viewers through three sections that depict climate change and its effects if we do not take action.

Yesterday was full of hope. Everything was thriving.

Today seems bleak. We are threatened by climate change and our actions. We are experimenting indoor farming, hoping that we can “play god” but is this really the way to go? If we do not do anything now, what is left for us?

Tomorrow is up to us.

“Travel Through Time” was shortlisted under YSDAF 2023’s Pitch Start grant and is part of YSDAF 2023’s drive to raise awareness on environmental sustainability.

About the Artiste / Group

Expedio Design is a hardware tech and innovation consultancy with a clear mission: crafting purposeful innovations for positive social, environmental, and business impact. Our approach involves leveraging deep expertise, creative problem-solving, and fostering collaborative partnerships. Continually pushing the boundaries, we strive to challenge the status quo by nurturing a culture built on trust, empathy, and a relentless pursuit of discovery.


Ang Tee Chian
Joel Ngui
Ashton Kam
Abigail Choo

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