Way of the Samurai

Day 2: 1.30 pm - 1.45 pm

Main Lawn

This performance is based on blowing the shakuhachi to promote serenity and peace. The sounds of tranquillity it produces helps to heal our mind, body and soul to reunite with the universal consciousness.

About the Artiste / Group

Swit Marie
Swit Marie is a Jacqueline of all trades, a collaborator, connector and supporter of local creative independent communities with a knack for volunteering. A firm believer in investing in causes for generational change and that every effort causes a bigger impact.

As a project manager, she looks for opportunities to collaborate, exploring ways of expression in dance, poetry, art and life. Her past projects and feature are Jalan Dalam x American Youth Corner 2023, Poetically Speaking Showcase, If Walls Could Talk Poetry Open Mic, HitRecord’s This Is Malaysia Video, Berani Bersama and Unrestricted Stage Committee, SWADAYA X GTLF 2020, Baloh! Urbanscapes 2019, The Human Exhibit: Mentalhealth.

Rasull aka Blue Monk
Rasull a.k.a. BlueMonk is a seeker of spirituality and has a keen sense of expressing it through music. He is a self taught musician in respect of learning the art of music. A true multi instrumentalist honing his skills on the piano, synthesizer keyboards, acoustic guitar, Japanese sakuhachi, concert flute as well as erhu, the traditional chinese ethnic bowed instrument.



The slots for this event are fully filled or the event has already passed.