Top 3 Winners of Indivior Red Ribbon Short Film Competition

The red Ribbon Short Film Competition was organised by the Malaysian AIDS Council and the Malaysian AIDS Foundaiton. During YSDAF festival finale, the top 3 winning films will be screened.

Anstigma by Riyadh Zuhdi Bin Loksin

In this reality concept video, we highlight the stigma towards people with HIV. “Anstigma” is a self-coined term aimed at bridging the gap between discrimination and the acceptance of people with HIV.

Love Positive by Sylvia Peh

The word “positive” represents the positive message in the stories of people living with HIV. In this short film, actor Des Ong finds himself diagnosed with HIV after having had his blood test done. Unfortunately, his friend, Jack caught sight of the report and shared his discovery on social media. At the end of the short film, a social experiment was conducted to find out how society will react towards a person living with HIV.

My Life, My Story by Ineza Roussille

My Life, My Story is based on one simple idea: letting people with HIV tell their own stories. Moon shares her story on the importance of having accurate information on HIV. She was initially told that she had only until the end of the year to live. It wasn’t until she sought a second medical opinion that she learnt about HIV treatment. Once on treatment, she found the strength to take control of her life and started educating others to reduce stigma in the Malaysian community.

2:30pm - 3:30pm
2:30pm - 3:30pm
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